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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Social Bookmark Buttons

Importance of the Social Bookmarking Buttons :

We should have a button to bookmark our website or post through social bookmarking websites which help us to read our post.  I hope you understand the social bookmark button to put it in your website in the right to reach the people. Especially blog should have this opportunity to reach more people through social media.
1) You should get traffic through this like button

2) You should get back links from this opportunity

3) It may give more traffic than search results

4) Digg and Delicious may give you the best results.

5) Technorati and blogcatlog are both giving the best results for blogs.

Also you can use social media button or feedburner buttons to add these buttons to your website in the right area.  I really enjoyed to get real traffic through this social media button to add in my websites.  Also you should put maximum four or five buttons to make it possible for you.


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