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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Is it Colorzilla?

I really enjoyed to use Internet Explorer few years ago.  But now we should dump it if possible because of security reasons.  If you still use it just quit from it and go with Firefox.

I don't want to tell reason but due to some reasons just include security, tabbed navigation, customization and to add the extensions with the possibility. It is working fine with us to make it possible for us.

If you want to blogging then it is very useful and also you can find more extensions which is the most important role for bloggers.

I have found a Colorzilla which is an extension that is discover the color of any website or blog by simply moving your mouse over upon the website or blog.

I hope you will get more information about zoom pages, measure the distance between two points, export colors' code and many more through this browser.

If you want to create a new blog or if you want to redesign the website or blog template and design.  You just do it through this extension.  Please test it.

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