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Saturday, May 17, 2014

RSS feed for your web pages

RSS feed for your web pages to add your pages in their favorite list.  RSS will help us to increase the page likes and integrated with other blogs to make it easy to understand the blog post.  So you can find it wherever possible and it might be a reader friendly.  How to subscribe the RSS feed? You just put the icon in the top right sidebar which help you to get more readers.

You may add your RSS feed bar from feedburner.com which also help you to get more visitors to your website.  After adding this button into my blog then I have found more visitors to my blog.  So pl do it for you to make it possible for you.

Most of the people need to get more information about RSS and its basic ideas to reach the people easily.  Once you have started a blog then you should add this button in the right top sidebar then it will become update the data's of your post.  I hope you feel the traffic to your website after adding this button through RSS feed.

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