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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Analyzer for Meta Tags

I would like to discuss or tell something about the importance of Title Tag or Meta Tag for your website which is help you to update the website.  The title tag is also one of the most important role on the header of the site.  Also you should have keywords, description and author also be considered and they may do huge impact but every fine tune will be added value to your website.

Meta Tag Analyzer is also very helpful tool for understanding your meta tags.  All you need to know about the status of the page, the number of keywords, The relevancy of the title and description and quality of the tags to be reported by this website to update your blog.

How to update Meta Tags?

If you want to put the right keywords in the title tag then it will give you the value of the website or blog.  Also you should have competitive keywords in your title tag which help you to reach the right people through search engines.  I hope you will understand your meta tags will be targeted the traffic through it should be in the right place.

You just check your Meta Tag Analyzer :  Click Here  

Thursday, May 29, 2014

How to get rid the Calender?

How to get rid of the Google Calender? Most of the blogs or templates have time by default which help us to see the posting time, day, month and year.  So it is very useful to maintain the timeline and other default settings.  Most of the people need to search post on day basis to understand your post list.

All the visitors can have their own ideas about to search your post through timeline or post by post.  Whichever is useful to reach your pages and it will help you to make it possible for you to get more page views too.

Also you can find the ways to post and its time make it and you choose the day by day post material to reach your people.  You can also use Google Calender to mix your posts by day default.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How to use forums to promote our blogs?

It is very simple way to promote our blogs through online business forums or through webmaster forums.  How it will work?  If you register with forums which help you to add your website in the profile. It calculates as do follow in some forums and others as calculate as no follow links.

This links and you can add your blogs in signatures which is allowed by most of the forums.  So you can have real position for your website or blogs through these leading forums. Once you pick the leading forums then create a topic or reply to someone's topic which help you to get back links as well as traffic to your blogs.

I hope you understand to create a back links from leading online forums which help you to make real traffic to your websites or blogs?  You just see the leading keyword as webmaster forum to check with google.com to get the list of webmasters forum list.









Now you can have back links from forums which help you to get real traffic to your blogs.  

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Is it Colorzilla?

I really enjoyed to use Internet Explorer few years ago.  But now we should dump it if possible because of security reasons.  If you still use it just quit from it and go with Firefox.

I don't want to tell reason but due to some reasons just include security, tabbed navigation, customization and to add the extensions with the possibility. It is working fine with us to make it possible for us.

If you want to blogging then it is very useful and also you can find more extensions which is the most important role for bloggers.

I have found a Colorzilla which is an extension that is discover the color of any website or blog by simply moving your mouse over upon the website or blog.

I hope you will get more information about zoom pages, measure the distance between two points, export colors' code and many more through this browser.

If you want to create a new blog or if you want to redesign the website or blog template and design.  You just do it through this extension.  Please test it.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Short Title Tag

Short Title Tag may help you to reach the people easily through Search Engine.  The description that appears on the top of the browser which help us to know about the search engine.  The title tag is most important role and the fact which are determining the SERP.

Most of the people do some common mistakes, however, the people commit when creating the title tag to reach the people through search engines.  The two types of common mistakes, first one is to add single title tag and another one is we use normally the same title in all the pages which is also one of the best mistake done by us.

If you suppose use "Vastu Tips" in the main page then you can have another topic which is including our keywords like "Vastu Five Basic Tips" will help you to reach through seo results.  I hope you will get more results than the actual results.   Also you should not have more than four or five keywords in your title tag which help you to reach short and sweat ranking to your site.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Social Bookmark Buttons

Importance of the Social Bookmarking Buttons :

We should have a button to bookmark our website or post through social bookmarking websites which help us to read our post.  I hope you understand the social bookmark button to put it in your website in the right to reach the people. Especially blog should have this opportunity to reach more people through social media.
1) You should get traffic through this like button

2) You should get back links from this opportunity

3) It may give more traffic than search results

4) Digg and Delicious may give you the best results.

5) Technorati and blogcatlog are both giving the best results for blogs.

Also you can use social media button or feedburner buttons to add these buttons to your website in the right area.  I really enjoyed to get real traffic through this social media button to add in my websites.  Also you should put maximum four or five buttons to make it possible for you.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

RSS feed for your web pages

RSS feed for your web pages to add your pages in their favorite list.  RSS will help us to increase the page likes and integrated with other blogs to make it easy to understand the blog post.  So you can find it wherever possible and it might be a reader friendly.  How to subscribe the RSS feed? You just put the icon in the top right sidebar which help you to get more readers.

You may add your RSS feed bar from feedburner.com which also help you to get more visitors to your website.  After adding this button into my blog then I have found more visitors to my blog.  So pl do it for you to make it possible for you.

Most of the people need to get more information about RSS and its basic ideas to reach the people easily.  Once you have started a blog then you should add this button in the right top sidebar then it will become update the data's of your post.  I hope you feel the traffic to your website after adding this button through RSS feed.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

How often write post in my blog?

Most of the people want to know that how often should I blog? or How often write post in my blog?  It is  a recurrent question from blogger specially those amount try to start  new blog.  IF you ask someone like me to know that when should I right? what is the time limit between the posts?

I know some of them write post once in a day, some of them write post once in a week and some of them write post once in a month.  Most of them write post whenever they want so there is no instruction to post in blog.  Now I suggest you that you should write post everyday which help you to get more success than the normal blog.

Also quality of the blog is better than the quantity of the post in blog.  If you want to have a successful then you should write minimum five times in a week.  I really enjoyed to write a post everyday which help a lot.

At the same time, You should follow your niche when write post in your blog which help you to get more reach to the people.  I hope you will be getting more interesting results to your blog.  All the best.

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

How to choose Domain Name Search?

Domain name search is nothing but to make your own domain which help you to improve your conversation with your customer to provide the details about your product.  You can have free blog like blogger or wordpress free blog domain may not give multi purpose or continuous support so this is the right to choose your own domain from the domain websites as given below :

Who.is :

You can search your domain through this leading web domain website who.is which help you to find the domain name in (.com, .net, .in, .biz, .org, .gen., .is, .us, and many) the name of your choice.  Otherwise you have to select a domain name of your niche and local keywords.

shipping.com or chicagoshipping.com or diamondshipping.com

Domainz.in :

Now in India most of the people are searching and book their domain through this website and many of them need to book bulk domain name to get discount price.

www.jbsoftsystem.com :

This is one of the leading domain name booking website and web design company in chennai.  They are the service provider in Chennai to do software business and webdesigning in Chennai.