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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Short Title Tag

Short Title Tag may help you to reach the people easily through Search Engine.  The description that appears on the top of the browser which help us to know about the search engine.  The title tag is most important role and the fact which are determining the SERP.

Most of the people do some common mistakes, however, the people commit when creating the title tag to reach the people through search engines.  The two types of common mistakes, first one is to add single title tag and another one is we use normally the same title in all the pages which is also one of the best mistake done by us.

If you suppose use "Vastu Tips" in the main page then you can have another topic which is including our keywords like "Vastu Five Basic Tips" will help you to reach through seo results.  I hope you will get more results than the actual results.   Also you should not have more than four or five keywords in your title tag which help you to reach short and sweat ranking to your site.

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