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Friday, February 7, 2014

How to choose a blog name?

How to choose a blog name?

There are five steps to choose your blog's domain name and you just follow the steps.  We would like to give some steps which help you to create your own blog in blogger.com or wordpress.com or your own website.

1) How to choose your niche?

I really enjoy to select my niche which may have real sense to give the best results to your website.  Also you should not expel from it because niche is one of the major role to choose your domain.  Niche is nothing but the product features aimed to reach your goal at satisfying specific market place.

For example, if you run a shipping company or clearing agency in New York.  You should select a specific brand name or common name as www.shippingagentinnewyork.com, www.newyorklogistics.com and many website results.

If you have a dog shop in boston or tea brand name then you should select your own brand name or create your own local keywords.  dogshopinboston.com or thebestteaatboston.com.

2) How to choose brand name?

You must have your own brand name which should be reached the people in the given time or certain period of time.  When you have time then you should have been branding you product or brand name.?  So I hope to search a brand name for your product or business.  I really select a name for my forum which is a webmaster forum?  I just choose www.choforum.com

3) It must be describe your blog :

Normally people need to search their own keywords to reach the blog which might be yours by search engines organic traffic.  Why because? You should describe your niche to swindle the visitors to your blog.  Also if your name blog should say what content you have in your blog.

4) Simple name but it must be remember by the people :

Royal design with simple domain name for your blog which must be remember by everyone. Then you will be the master of your niche.  We are happy to share our ideas through this blog which may help you to understand to select your blog name.

5) It should be like a domain name :

You should have your own domain which should be a competitive keywords.  Also your niche keywords may not be available for you and you must have your own niche + local area = combined domain name.

For example,   healthychennai.com, fitnesschennai.com or yogachennai.com

You may not have health.com or fitness.com or yoga.com

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