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Friday, February 14, 2014

Common confusion about 'www' or without 'www' website

If we choose a domain name as 'http://www.shipping.com' or http://shipping.com for our website or a blog both are same but sometimes we have confusion about it.  So you can either use 'www' with your domain or without 'www' to type your domain name in address bar.  At the same time, when you add a back link to your website with 'www' or without 'www' for getting outbound link is the question to confuse your search engine results as well as ranking.

Why the confusion is behind ranking?

All the search engines including Google's spider might be reading your website name in a back links to be read as with 'www' or without 'www' to make it as two back links.  So it may be affected your search engine results because of these different back links to your website.  At the same time, if you have same content also have two different results and getting ranking also behind the screen.

So you should have back links always including 'www' which is preferable to make it strong back links to your website which help you to get more results.  It may give proper ranking to your website.

How it split your back links?

Normally, you have back links from incoming links to your website might be two way which are -  'http://www.google.com'  or 'http://google.com'.  So both are calculated as two different back links to your website which may affect your ranking or sites search engine results.

So you should avoid this kind of back links to your website then it will be added value to your website or your blog.  Sometimes social bookmarking sites back links are added by someone might be given two different value for your website.

How to solve this issue for your blog? You can set up your website as'301 Permanent Redirect'Â from the 'No-www' version to the one with "www" vice-versa which help you to redirect if people type your domain name without 'www' will be counted and automatically redirect to "http://www.domain.com".

After that you may not worry about these both back links from with 'www' or without 'www' are not a big question for you to get search engine results.  Because both links are calculated as the same.

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